Research Staff

Shean Huff

R&D Staff Member

Speciality: Automotive Powertrain Controls
Shean has been on staff at Oak Ridge National Laboratory since 2000 after working seven years at Chrysler Corporation. Both at Chrysler and ORNL, Shean’s area of focus has been internal combustion engine electronic controls, for which he holds nineteen US patents. His experience in the field of controls has contributed to research in the areas of diesel lean NOx catalysis, advanced diesel combustion, improved engine efficiency, and the implementation of ethanol as a transportation fuel. Most recently, Shean has been involved in researching the effects of intermediate ethanol blends being introduced into the legacy vehicle fleet, as well as other non-road engines. Shean has also been involved with programs to increase fuel efficiency in flex fueled and dedicated ethanol fueled vehicles.

Research Focus
Shean currently oversees the operation of the FEERC Vehicle Research Laboratory (VRL). Areas of focus include supporting the EPA/DOE joint effort to maintain the website, which helps fulfill their responsibility under the Energy Policy Act of 1992 to provide accurate fuel economy information to consumers. This laboratory supports various other ORNL programs, including the Power Electronics and Electrical Power Systems Research Center's (PEEPSRC) evaluation of advanced energy storage system (ESS) technology.

M.S., Mechanical Engineering; University of Tennessee, Knoxville, 1993
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of Tennessee, 1992

(T) 865-946-1333
(F) 865-946-1354

Partnerships and Collaborations
Like the FEERC team in general, the Vehicle Research Laboratory is engaged in both industry and government research on fuels, engines and emissions technologies.  FEERC is designated a DOE National User Facility, which encompasses the Vehicle Research Laboratory.  Although the bulk of our efforts directly support the DOE mission, R&D is carried out for and with OEMs and other private or non-private partners.  This includes research directly funded by private industry, cooperative research and development agreements (CRADAs) and other cooperative partnering. Follow this link for more information regarding working with FEERC.

Selected Publications
J.F. Thomas et al., “Effect of Air Filter Condition on Diesel Vehicle Fuel Economy,” SAE paper 2013-01-0311, April 2013.

S.P. Huff et al., “Effects of Air Conditioner Use on Real-World Fuel Economy,” SAE paper 2013-01-0551, April 2013.

J. M. Storey, “Exhaust Particle Characterization for Lean and Stoichiometric DI Vehicles Operating on Ethanol-Gasoline Blends,” SAE paper 2012-01-0437, April 2012.

J. F. Thomas et al., “Fuel Economy and Emissions of a Vehicle Equipped with an Aftermarket Flexible-Fuel Conversion Kit,” ORNL/TM-2011/483, December 2011.

P. Chambon, et al. “European Lean Gasoline Direct Injection Vehicle Benchmark,” SAE 2011 World Congress,  Detroit, Michigan, SAE paper 2011-01-1218, April 2011.

West et al., “Intermediate Ethanol Blends Catalyst Durability Program,” ORNL/TM-2011/234, December 2011.

J. E. Parks, et al., “Lean Gasoline Engine Reductant Chemistry During Lean NOx Trap Regeneration,” 2010 SAE Powertrains, Fuels and Lubricants Meeting, SAE paper 2010-01-2267. October, 2010.

K. Knoll, B. West, S. Huff, J. Thomas, J. Orban, C. Cooper, “Effects of Mid-Level Ethanol Blends on Conventional Vehicle Emissions,” SAE Paper, 2009-01-2723, SAE 2009 Powertrains, Fuels and Lubricants Meeting.

K.D. Norman, S.P. Huff, B.H. West, “Effect of Intake Air Filter Condition on Vehicle Fuel Economy,” ORNL/TM-2009/021, February 2009.

Knoll et al., “Effects of Mid-Level Ethanol Blends on Conventional Vehicle Emissions,” ORNL/TM-2008/117, NREL/TP-540-43543
February, 2009

B. H. West, et al., “Fuel Economy and Emissions of the Ethanol-Optimized Saab 9-5 BioPower,” SAE Paper number 2007-01-3994, October 2007.


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