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Tom Briggs Quote About LTC (Low Temperature Combustion) in Green Car Congress
In one of his Merit Review presentations on work being done at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) on high efficiency clean combustion in multi-cylinder light-duty engines, Tom Briggs noted that advanced combustion strategies are increasingly using engine hardware that looks similar, and that these strategies are also blurring the lines between fuel selection and combustion propagation mechanisms.

Research finds ultrasonics reduce precipitates
Researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory have discovered that treating biodiesel with a high-intensity dose of ultrasonic energy can remove and prevent the formation of precipitates.

2011 CLEERS Workshop to be held April 19-21, 2011
CLEERS workshops are intended as informal but tightly focused forums for sharing recent research results on understanding and simulating lean exhaust emissions control. Joint participation by researchers in government, universities, and industry is encouraged. This is the 14th workshop in a series sponsored by the DOE Office of Vehicle Technologies and the DOE Diesel Crosscut Team. The results of the workshop discussions will be documented for the DOE Office of Transportation Technology (OTT) for consideration in improving R&D priorities and technical focus in DOE-supported transportation programs.

Robert Wagner attends first Executive Committee Meeting of new CERC
ORNL researchers are focusing on a suite of technologies to put more electric and hybrid vehicles on the road.

Brian West receives award at the Vehicle Technologies Program Annual Merit Review
Brian West was recognized and presented with an award at the Vehicle Technologies Program Annual Merit Review in recognition of his outstanding leadership in assessing the impact of higher ethanol blends on the U.S. legacy vehicle fleet and all gasoline engines

Dual-fuel lab engines achieve high efficiencies, low emissions
Researchers at the University of Wisconsin perform dual-fuel engine experiments on a modified 2.44-L Caterpillar 3401E heavy-duty, single-cylinder diesel engine.

Curbing Diesel Engines' Cost
Materials Science: New catalyst could sidestep use of costly Pt in emissions control technology

ORNL Research: Catalyst for Change

Oak Ridge National Laboratory does a bunch of research that's supposed to help reduce vehicle emissions and, where possible, reduce the cost of reducing those emissions.

ORNL earned two Excellence in Technology Transfer Awards
Laser-induced Fluorescence Fiber-Optic Measurement of Fuel in Oil was developed by James Parks and William Partridge of ORNL's Energy and Transportation Science Division, along with Kent Froelund of DaVinci Emissions Services. Ltd. of San Antonio,Texas


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