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Jae-Soon Choi
R&D Staff Member
(T) 865-946-1368
(F) 865-946-1354

Professional Highlights


Ph.D., Catalysis, Université Pierre & Marie Curie (Paris VI), 2000
D.E.A., Catalysis, Université Pierre & Marie Curie-IFP School, 1997
M.S., Chemical Engineering, Yonsei University, 1995
B.S., Chemical Engineering­, Yonsei University, 1993

Jae-Soon joined the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in 2003 after a postdoctoral research at IFP.  Jae-Soon’s areas of technical expertise include heterogeneous catalysis and chemical reaction engineering with research focused on elucidating the nature and distribution of active sites and their implications in real-world catalysis relevant to emissions control and advanced fuel production.  Currently, he is involved in several research projects related to automotive emissions control with a particular emphasis on the performance evaluation of monolithic catalysts via spatially resolved species and temperature measurements.  Jae-Soon is an active member of American Institute of Chemical Engineers, American Chemical Society, and Crosscut Lean Exhaust Emissions Reduction Simulations Focus Group.


Technical Highlights October 2015Oct 2015 highlights

Journal Paper to Report the Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s (ORNLs) Recent Discovery of Incompatibility between Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) and Zinc Dithiophosphate (ZDDP)...