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Raynella "Maggie" Connatser
R&D Staff
(T) 865-946-1307
(F) 865-946-1354

Professional Highlights


Ph.D, Analytical Chemistry, University of Tennessee, 2006
B.S., Chemistry, Furman University, 2001

Maggie joined the research and development staff of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in July, 2008.  She has been involved in research in the areas of surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy and imaging as well as multiple chemical extractions and separation techniques, including microfluidics, capillary electrophoresis, as well as offering support on gas and liquid chromatography interfaced to mass spectrometry. These analytical techniques provide insight into the chemical structure, function, and eventual fate of new fuels, exhausts, and emissions extracts during changing engine conditions. Maggie also works in the area of forensics research using separations and spectroscopy to buttress technologies to enhance national security.


Technical Highlights October 2015Oct 2015 highlights

Journal Paper to Report the Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s (ORNLs) Recent Discovery of Incompatibility between Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) and Zinc Dithiophosphate (ZDDP)...