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Mike Kass
R&D Staff Member
(T) 865-946-1241
(F) 865-946-1354

Professional Highlights


Ph.D., Metallurgical Engineering, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
M.S., Ceramic Engineering, Clemson University
B.S., Agricultural Engineering, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Dr. Kass has been a member of the ORNL R&D staff since 1993, working in a variety of research areas including materials processing, shock analysis and mitigation, biofuels, combustion, emission controls and engine efficiency.  Technical specialization areas are:

  • engine materials development and biofuel compatibility.
  • micro-combustion
  • emission sensors

Dr. Kass is an active member of the Society of Automotive Engineers and the American Ceramic Society.  He has over forty publications and technical reports in the fields of energy conversion, fuels and emissions and holds two patents.


Technical Highlights October 2015Oct 2015 highlights

Journal Paper to Report the Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s (ORNLs) Recent Discovery of Incompatibility between Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) and Zinc Dithiophosphate (ZDDP)...