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John M. Storey
Senior R&D Staff Member
(T) 865-946-1232
(F) 865-946-1248

Professional Highlights


Ph.D., Environmental Science and Engineering, Oregon Graduate Institute, 1993
M.S., Environmental Engineering, Duke University, 1986
A.B., Chemistry, Harvard University, 1984

John has been at ORNL since 1992.  He leads the emissions characterization efforts for FEERC and participates in both the fuels and combustion programs in this capacity.  In addition, Dr. Storey does extensive research on real-world mobile source emissions.  In both arenas, his research emphasizes air toxics and particulate characterization.   Other areas of interest include health effects of exhaust nanoparticles and real-time exhaust composition measurement.  John serves on the TRB’s Committee on Transportation and Air Quality (ADC-20), and is an active author and reviewer for SAE International, and several aerosol science journals.


Technical Highlights October 2015Oct 2015 highlights

Journal Paper to Report the Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s (ORNLs) Recent Discovery of Incompatibility between Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) and Zinc Dithiophosphate (ZDDP)...